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A supernatural horror short

- a work of PURE FICTION 2012.​

Acccepted at: Cannes Short Film Corner 2013.

Action On Film international Festival 2013.

Available Rights: Festivals - Cinema - DVD/Blu-Ray - VOD.   

Original Title:  No Good Deed

Language:   English
Length:   23 min. 26 sec.
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1 (16:9 with borders)
Color:   PAL
Sound:   AC3 surround
Production year:  2012
Production company:  PURE FICTION – all rights.
Production country:  Denmark
Director/Writer/Producer:  Sohail A. Hassan

After a night on the town, two off duty cops get lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood. They stumble upon a house with the front door mysteriously open. The more experienced one, Ben, wants to investigate. The other one, Mark, thinks it’s a bad idea. They’re off duty, drunk and don’t have their guns, but Ben convinces Mark to enter. The house is empty, the lights are not working and there is a very strange smell inside. When Mark wants to leave, Ben gives him a choice between abandoning his duty or doing a good deed.



MARK … Daniell Edwards
BEN …  Danny Thykær
THE GIRL … Louise Cho

Creature … Morten Silverfox Petersen
Creature … Simon Edelberg Mulvad
Creature … Mia Nadja Gad Olsen
Creature … Louise Cho

Writer, producer, director, editor … Sohail A. Hassan
Co-producer … Martin Hansen
Line-producer … Dea D. M. Nebelong
Director of photography … Ólafur Jónsson
Lighting … Jesper H. Priisholm
Location sound recordist … Mikkel Munk Appel
Boomer … Anders Havmøller Laursen
Stunt choreography … Daniell Edwards
Creature design & bodypaint … Lone Wolf Kirkegaard
Make-up assistant … Lonnie Kæregaard
SFX & Probs … Martin Hansen
Costumes … Sara Paludan Battrup
Sound design & Mix … Anders Due-Boje
Music composers … Saqib, Anders Due-Boje
VFX & Colorgrading … Yusuf Halal
Still photography … Mikkel Daniel Nielsen
Artwork … Martin Hansen


Sohail A. Hassan is a great admirer of comics and movies since childhood. Especially genres like science fiction, fantasy and action. He belongs to the generation of early Spielberg and Lucas fans. After getting an MBA in 1994 his been pursuing his lifelong dream of creating his own films. Starting out as a film producer he since focused on writing and directing. Today he has directed numerous short fiction films, music videos and a few documentaries. The main goal being to tell fantasy stories that adheres to the rules of dramatic storytelling. He calls it Pure Fiction.

Inmate 48 (2014) Short film (PURE Fiction)

No Good Deed  (2012) Short film (PURE Fiction)
Sleepless  (2011) Pilot for feature film (BLiKFANG filmproduction)
The Clean Out  (2011) Pilot for feature film (PURE Fiction)
Intruders   (2010) Short film (PURE Fiction)
Vakilisme  (2009) Documentary (Bazar Music, Screened at Copenhagen Doc festival)
Outlandish   (2008) Music video (Sony Music)
Envy Will Kill You  (2005)  Short film (Copenhagen Video Marathon finalist)








Danny Thykær started his career as a child actor at the age of 5. He has trained as an actor and performer in Denmark and UK and attended both Drama School and The Performing Arts Collage. He has been nominated and won BEST ACTOR at film festivals for his roles in countless short films. He has achieved honorable mention for his role in such films as “Skitzo”, “Eastern Army”, “The Fro”, “Global Alarm” and numerous Danish films such as “Ansigtet” (The Face) and “Emma”.


Daniell Edwards has starred in the American indie feature “Westbrick Murders” also starring Eric Roberts, the Danish feature “Pistoleros” and recently in the Danish indie action feature “Ud Af Mørket” (Out of the Darkness) which he also directed.



Don't take our word for it. Here is what people are saying about NO GOOD DEED:

“Fun, Exiting and Wild.

I'm looking forward to the feature film version”

Lars C. Detlefsen - Head of Scriptwriting - The National Danish Filmschool 2013.



"A fun, atmospheric piece of genre film making"

Phil Rutter - Script Wizard - Copenhagen, Denmark - IMDB review June 19th 2013.


Sohail A. Hassan's 'No Good Deed' is an atmospheric horror film that plays with genre in a fun way. The director doesn't rely on shock jumps to scare you (although there are a couple of good ones!), but instead creates a foreboding atmosphere that builds to a pretty intense finale. There is one scene in particular that is as intense a scene as you will find in any decent, mainstream horror film. (I'm not putting any details about the scene here so it can creep up on you as it did me!)

The photography is excellent and the visual and creature effects are effectively executed. The characters are engaging in a way that makes it easy to get drawn into the film, and I also enjoyed the way that the two main characters have fun with the buddy cop genre.

'No Good Deed' is a good, fun piece of genre film making.

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