Sohail A. Hassan - Director
Sohail is a great admirer of comics and movies since childhood. Especially genres like science fiction, fantasy and action. He belongs to the generation of early Spielberg and Lucas fans. After getting an MBA in 1994 he has been pursuing his lifelong dream of creating his own films. Starting out as a film producer he sinced focused on writing and directing. Today he has directed numerous short fiction films, music videos and a few documentaries. The main goal being to tell fantasy stories that adheres to the rules of dramatic storytelling. He calls it Pure Fiction.



E-mail: sohail@purefictionfilm.com

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“I don't want realism. I want magic. MAGIC.”

Jannick Raunow - Producer
Jannick was born nerdy, developed through Marvel, Tolkien and Star Wars and only eventually took time off to finish two graduate diploma specilizations in business administration as well as acting school. He's since worked entrepreneurially in consultancy, datawarehousing, film and theater acting, performance work and film production. Joining forces with Pure Fiction, the one and only goal is now to garner the cosmic powers of finance and Meisner to produce the best genre films on Earth!



E-mail: jannick@purefictionfilm.com