Award: CPH PIX Movie Battle.
Category: Best actor Performance
                   (Morten Thunbo)
Movie: INMATE 48.

Award: CPH PIX Movie Battle
Category: Movie Battle Audience Award
Movie: INMATE 48

Award: CPH PIX Movie Battle
Category: Best time travel movie
Movie: INMATE 48 

Action on Film, International Film Festival
L.A., USA 2013

Movie: No Good Deed

Action on film, International film festival.
L.A, USA 29th August 2014
Movie: INMATE 48

Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival
Washington, USA 28th September 2014
Movie: INMATE 48

Berlin Short Film Festival

Berlin, Germany 26th - 31th Oktober 2014
Movie: INMATE 48

Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival
Puerto Rico 23th - 29th Oktober 2014
Movie: INMATE 48

Farinha Film Festival
Brazil 2014
Movie: INMATE 48

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