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A Sci-Fi Thriller short

- a work of PURE FICTION 2014.​

Acccepted at: Copehagen PIX - Movie Battle 2014.


Available Rights: Festivals - Cinema - DVD/Blu-Ray - VOD.   

Original Title:  Inmate 48

Language:   English
Length:   25 min. 
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1 (16:9 with borders)
Color:   PAL
Sound:   AC3 surround
Production year:  2014
Production company:  PURE FICTION – all rights.
Production country:  Denmark
Director/Writer/Producer:  Sohail A. Hassan

After another brutal prison fight the warden has had enough of inmate number 48’s behavior. But the inmate calmly explains that he just wanted the wardens attention. He’s found a way out and is going to turn the wardens life into a living hell. The warden ignores him, but when Inmate 48 starts doing unexplainable things, the warden finds it unsettling. He knows the inmate is playing mind tricks on him and is determined to stop him. But when the warden turns up the heat, so does Inmate 48. Some people only learn when the gloves come off.



INMATE 48 … Danny Thykær

THE WARDEN … Morten Thunbo


PRISON GUARD … Morten Silverfox

PRISON GUARD … Mads Korsgaard

PRISON GUARD … Duane Wildchild Hobson

PRISON GUARD … Jesper Priisholm

Wardens wife… Michelle Berçon

Little girl… Sofia Lever

INMATE… Peer Mørk

Guard voice… Anders Havmøller Laursen

Writer, producer, director, editor … Sohail A. Hassan

Idea by … Elias Eliot & Sohail A. Hassan

Head of production … Oliver Grundtvig

Executive-producer … Stefan Wilken

Director of photography … David Kaiser

Second unit photography … Adam Thulin

Lighting assistant… Martin Arvé Borch & Katharina Juul-Andersen

Location sound recordist … Anders Havmøller Laursen

Make-Up artist … Gabriella Tipsa Bruun

Make-up assistant … Isabella Tjørnelund

Set-designer… Jesper Hansen

Set-builders … Stefan Rosing-Asvid, Constantin Rasmussen, Martin Arvé Borch, Klaus Boje Bendtsen, Jesper Rude Truelsen, Rasmus Clement

Set-decorators … Thomas Schwertfeger, Louise Voigt

Graphical prop design … Margret Breidfjord

Production design & costumes … Sohail A. Hassan, Oliver Grundtvig & Stefan Wilken

Production assistant… Peer Mørk

Sound design & mix … Anders Due-Boje

Music composer … Jonas Frederik

VFX & main-on-end title … Ryan Lumbye

Colorgrader … Adam Thulin

Script consultants … Danny Thykær, Hakim Harder, Elias Eliot

Still photography … Lars Juul Hauschildt

Artwork … Silver Ferox Key Art


Sohail A. Hassan is a great admirer of genres like Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Adventure. He belongs to the early generation of Spielberg and Lucas fans. His aim is to tell fantasy stories that; even though they are fantastic, adhere to all rules of dramatic storytelling. He calls it Pure Fiction.

Inmate 48 (2014) Short film (PURE Fiction)

No Good Deed  (2012) Short film (PURE Fiction)
Sleepless  (2011) Pilot for feature film (BLiKFANG filmproduction)
The Clean Out  (2011) Pilot for feature film (PURE Fiction)
Intruders   (2010) Short film (PURE Fiction)
Vakilisme  (2009) Documentary (Bazar Music, Screened at Copenhagen Doc festival)
Outlandish   (2008) Music video (Sony Music)
Envy Will Kill You  (2005)  Short film (Copenhagen Video Marathon finalist)









Danny Thykær was trained as an actor in both Denmark and The United Kingdom. Where he separately attended first theatre school, and followed it with a Bachelor in fine arts. Danny has played leads and supporting roles in more than 50 films and stage plays. In later years several films, Danny has starred in, have won awards in both Europe and USADanny won Best Actor in London for his lead as David in the film, ”Skizo” (2009), and he was nominated in Los Angeles for his portrayal of the villain in ”Eastern Army”(2010). The following year the film ”The Fro”(2011) won Best Spoof at the film festival AOF in Los Angeles. The film, ”Global Alarm” (2011) won the jury prize at The Colorado Environmental Film Festival. The film, ”Emma” was shown during CPH PIX 2012. Furthermore in 2012 the film, ”The Face” was chosen at Shriek Film Fest in Los Angeles.



Trained at The Actors School at Odense Theatre, 1992-96. Has played many leading roles in the classical repertoire in theatres such as: The Royal Theatre, Odense Theatre, The Danish Theatre, Folketeatret m.m.Artistic Director at TEMPEST Theatreproduction, a new Danish Shakespeare-Theatre.Roles in feature and short films such as: "The Kill" and "The Women in the cage", Zentropa prod. "Camping", Nimbus Film"All Cats Are Grey", The Danish Filminstitute/Willum Film etc.







Alexandra Ternstrøm is an actress and a model. She got her acting degree in New York and Los Angeles and have worked on films and TV Shows like Any Given Sunday, Heartbreakers, Klassefesten, Familiens Ære, A-klassen, The Killing 3 and Liebhaverne .She played the part of Lady Mcduff in the Danish Royal Theaters Celebration of Shakespeare and Verdi in 2013, as well as the part of Beatrice in the English setup of Peter Asmussens play "Stranden" (The Beach) at Krudttønden in Copenhagen.She has starred in mutiple commercials including Haribo and Visio for Microsoft. Throughout her career she has also worked on several short and features in both USA and Denmark. She was a host on program for TV2 Sport and is currently the host on In 2009 she won the title of Mrs. Congeniality in Mrs. World. Alexandra is a member of the Danish Actors' Association and Screen Actors Guild. She has been teaching drama at Scenekunst Teaterskole for the past 3 years.

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